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Current Russian Blue Cats at Wynterwynd

GC Heartbeeps NightMusic of Wynterwynd - "Tunes" - our current Russian Blue sire

Gr. Ch. Heartbeeps NightMusic of Wynterwynd is the sire of most of the current Wynterwynd litters.  Bred by Peg Johnson, "Tunes" has large green eyes, a silvery coat and an elegant build.  Some of the "grands" he has sired include GC Wynterwynd Nightingale of Mountcascade, GC Wynterwynd Seasong, GC Wynterwynd Beach Music, GC Wynterwynd Sailor of Naissur Blu, GP Naissur Blu Play It Again Sam and GC Wynterwynd WaterMarque.  There are offspring of Tunes in Italy, Korea and Switzerland.

GC Kyina MapleLeafBlues of Wynterwynd joined us in May, 2011 and granded in January, 2012.  She had her first litter March 14, 2012, sired by Wynterwynd Lake Effect.

Maple is a sweet cat and a good mother.


GC NW Wynterwynd Clair De Lune was born June 16, 2013. Her sire is GC Wynterwynd WaterMarque (now living in the Czech Republic) and her dam is GC Tylona's Dancing In The Moonlight.  Clair was a beautiful, pale coated Russian right from the beginning and identified herself as a princess in the litter that also included three males.

Clair achieved a global kitten win in CFA (20th Best Kitten, 2013-2014) after being exhibited in only six shows.

Clair's brother, CH Wynterwynd Moon River, lives in Finland.


Mountcascade Edelweiss is another new addition to the cattery in 2011, from a breeder in New York state.  "Eddy"  is out of GC Wynterwynd Magnolia of Mountcascade, DM and an Austrian import.  She is a delight in the house and very people-oriented.  However, she did NOT like to go to cat shows....

Eddy's beautiful plush coat and inquisitive expression are features we are hoping to see in her kittens....her first litter was born May 30, 2012 -- SIX kittens!  On March 17, 2013, she had a litter of SEVEN kittens!  Photos and videos of these kittens can be seen on our Facebook page:  Wynterwynd Russian Blues

GC,RW Tylona's Dancing In The Moonlight joined us in December, 2012 after a successful show career as a kitten--winning the Great Lakes Region 3rd Best Allbreed Kitten award for 2012-2013.  She is a beautiful cat with a thick, pale silver coat and beautiful lime-green eyes.  "Moonie" is Clair De Lune's mother.

Several Wynterwynd cats have gone to new homes after retiring from breeding.  In the past few years, these girls went to loving homes as spays where they are enjoying the good life:

GC Samovar's Temptress of Wynterwynd

Velva's Pixie of Wynterwynd

Wynterwynd Hopscotch ("Mary" picture at right)

Heartbeeps Cristalle

CH Tylona's Serenity

GC Wynterwynd Beach Glass, DM


For more photos of our Russian Blue Cat Family, including previous cats important to Wynterwynd's bloodlines, click here.

Occasionally we have retired show or breeding cats available; these generally prefer to be in an only-pet home.  Contact us for current availability.

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