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Post Date: 5/1/2013

Eddie's kittens are 6 1/2 weeks old and they are keeping us entertained.  Eating solid food now and running around the living room.  All seven kittens are committed at this time; they will be off to their new homes in mid to late June.  Maple is expecting her litter around May 10th and Moonie may be pregnant also--if so, she is due June 15-16. 

We're planning to be at the Anthony Wayne Cat Fanciers show at the Sports Coliseum in Ann Arbor, MI on Saturday, May 11.  Stop in and see us!


Post Date: 3/19/2013

The first 2013 litter has arrived!  Mountcascade Edelweiss had seven (7!) kittens on Sunday, 3/17...St. Patrick's Day babies.  It looks like 4 males and 3 females; we have four of the kittens reserved already.  They are as cute as can be and Eddy is a great mom, taking care of all 7 without a problem.  They are clean, fat and quiet!  Eddy was bred to Velva's Independently Blue--a new combo so we're anxious to see how they look.

GC Kyina MapleLeafBlues (Maple) has been bred to NightMusic and once we confirm her pregnancy, we anticipate kittens due around May 11.  This is a repeat of last spring's litter and they were very sweet, pretty kittens.

Meanwhile, Wynterwynd WaterMarque earned his CFA Grand Champion title in late January.  He doesn't seem interested in 'girlfriends' yet, but once he is, we'll be breeding him to GC Tylona's Dancing In The Moonlight.  After that, he is off to the Czech Republic!


I would love to meet some of you at upcoming shows (of course, that assumes you won't be exhibiting, just visiting!).  Here are a few where I will be judging:

Sunday, March 24 - Wheaton, IL (DuPage Co. Fairgrounds)

Saturday, April 6 - Waukesha, WI (Fairgrounds)

Sunday, April 22 - Binghamton, NY

Saturday, May 4 - York, PA (Fairgrounds)

Saturday, May 11 - Ann Arbor, MI (not judging; helping with the show)

Saturday, May 25 - Lebanon, PA (Fairgrounds)

Sat.-Sun, June 8-9 - Canton, OH

Visit www.cfa.org and look at the show calendar for details/locations.


Post Date:  1/18/2013

The last kitten has a new home; he's off to Atlanta.  The other two are going to Calgary. 


Post Date: 1/8/2013

Happy New Year!  One of the kitten buyers has had to postpone getting a pet, so we now have one boy available--ready to leave after Jan. 23rd.  He's the one contemplating the gold garland in the tree photo below!


Post Date: 12/27/2012

We now have deposits on all three kittens.  We're planning two litters for March and then another, hopefully, in late summer.  Meanwhile, most of the ornaments are still on the tree!  Here's a picture of two of the three kittens in the Christmas tree...










Post Date: 12/13/2012

Winter has arrived with a little snow on the ground.  The tree is trimmed (well, for now, anyway) and our litter of 3 kittens (all boys!) born Oct. 16 are enjoying playing with the unbreakable ornaments hung on the bottom third of the tree.  Two will be leaving for Calgary the end of January and one is still available to a wonderful pet home.  The boys are pictured below.

We attended the CFA World Show in November with Wynterwynd Postmarque in the kitten class.  He competed with 5 other Russian Blue kittens and did great, including Best Kitten in one ring!  It was a big, scarey, show though.  His next show will be Jan. 12-13 in St. Louis, MO (Sheraton Westport).




















Post Date: 8/3/2012

All of the kittens from our spring litters are spoken for at this point, though more than half of them are still running around here!  Several have left for their new homes in New Jersey, Iowa, Minnesota and Michigan.  Two leave Saturday for Ontario and Massachusetts...their new owners are traveling a long way to get them!

We will be showing three kittens (Wynterwynd MaRussia, Wynterwynd Penny Lane and Wynterwynd Postmarque) at their first show August 25-26 at the Sacred Cat of Burma CFA show at the fairgrounds in Medina, OH.  Come and see us there!

Here's a picture of Beach Glass's little girl (her 3 brothers were leaving her alone when I took this picture!)




















Post Date: 6/1/2012

New computer in the past few months so it's much more time consuming to fire up the old one which is the only way I can update this website.  My apologies!

Our spring (2012) litters have all arrived; the most recent this past Wednesday when first time mother Mountcascade Edelweiss delivered SIX (!) kittens...she did a great job and is proving to be a patient and calm mother.  Five of the six are boys, however, giving us a 2:1 ratio of boys to girls this spring.  So, the only kittens yet available for pets are males that would be ready to leave around the first or second week of September.  We are working our way through the waiting list through the next couple of weeks.

We had four litters this spring (something I said I wouldn't do again--having all of the litters during one time of the year).  Fall vacation plans mean we need to make it easy on our cat sitter and except for the few kittens we will keep to show, 13 or 14 of the kittens will be in their new homes by mid-September.  The first start leaving in a couple of weeks.  Photos below of kittens from this spring's litters.

Other news:  two retired adults go off to their new homes this month.  CH, GP Wynterwynd Lake Effect sired 3 of the 4 spring litters, then was neutered, attained his Grand Premier title in one show (!) and will go to his forever home.  Also, CH Heartbeeps Last Dance leaves for her new home in a week.











Post Date: 11/13/2011

Both of the remaining Penny x Laker girls are gone to their new homes and it's quiet around the house.  The adults are thrilled when it's a sunny day and they follow the patches of sun around the living room; on cloudy days, they head for a heating vent. 

We will be showing CH Kyina MapleLeafBlues at the CFA National Show Nov. 19-20 at the Indiana State Fairgrounds in Indianapolis.  Lots of Russian Blue breeders from around the world will be visiting the show!

So, no kittens expected soon--we will be planning 2 or 3 litters for spring, 2012 when Mother Nature cooperates.

Post Date: 9/28/2011

So much for good intentions! A busy summer with two litters of kittens (total of 8)...we are just now getting back to some shows.  Two female kittens remain from our June 12th litter (Penny x Laker); one will be leaving for her new home mid-October and we are still evaluating the other girl for showing.  Both are enjoying life without their bossy siblings!

Serenity found a great home in Washington, DC and Dancer accompanied a kitten to a super home in Indianapolis. 

No litters due at this time; probably none until spring, 2012.

We are planning on the Indy Cat Club show Oct. 29-30 and the CFA National Show Nov. 19-20; both are at the Indiana State Fairgrounds in Indianapolis, IN. 

Post Date:  6/15/2011

Summer is here at last and the cats are enjoying the backyard view from the screened porch.  Bee Gee's five kittens (one pictured below) are rampaging through the house; I wish I had half of their energy!  Penny had four kittens June 12.  Depending on which kittens I decide to keep as show prospects, it looks like all of these kittens are committed at this time.  No more litters until maybe fall.

Last Dance (b. 11/2009) and Serenity (b. 8/2008) were spayed this spring and are looking for their 'forever homes.' Both girls are shy (Dancer) and aloof (Serenity) so patience will be needed!

We have added a new female kitten, Kyina Maple Leaf Blues, this month and will be welcoming a Tylona girl (as yet unnamed) later this summer.  Of course, they will not be bred until next year, but look for us at the shows:  Auburn, IN, July 16; perhaps Windsor, ON, July 23-24; Allen Park, MI, Aug. 20; Medina, OH, Aug. 27-28 and Chantilly, VA, Sep. 10-11. 

Post Date: 4/8/2011

Spring is almost here, the snow has melted.  Lots of birds in the feeder to entertain the cats.  Bee Gee is huge and due April 18th and we've just confirmed Last Dance is pregnant and due May 9th.  Penny is still remembering her rowdy kittens from last August and not sure she's ready to take that on again.

Post Date:  2/21/2010

Still no kittens due.  Serenity was spayed last week and she will be available to a good home where she is the only cat.  She's a bit quirky, but lovely to look at and content to curl up next to someone or watch the birds from the window.

Bee Gee, Last Dance and Penny all seem content to hibernate, much to the consternation of Tunes and Laker who think their sweet talk should result in something more than just a glance.

So, it looks like it will be a while before we have kittens again.

Post Date: 12/21/2010

The Christmas tree is up and so far the remaining kitten has been pretty good about leaving the ornaments on it.  He does like to climb on the lower branches or play hide and seek under the tree skirt.  He's a cutie and won't be leaving for his new home until late January....thought we might show him, but my schedule won't allow it until late February so he will go to a great home in Texas.  Meanwhile, we are enjoying his antics.

The girls are all quiet so looks like no kittens expected until March or so--now, watch, they will all be calling next week.

Post Date: 10/5/2010

The past two months have flown by and our August kittens are growing like...well...kittens.  Bee Gee had 3 males and 1 female on Aug. 9th and Penny had 2 males on Aug. 22nd.  We have a houseful of boys!  All are spoken for at this point except one boy from Penny and possibly one other boy.  We are holding one from each litter to evaluate for show but ultimately will probably keep just one to show in early 2011. 

Post Date: 8/5/2010

Serenity's kittens were neutered/spayed this week and will be leaving for their new homes over the next several weeks.  They are extremely active and having surgery slowed them down for barely 24 hours.  Bee Gee is huge and due next week; Penny is expecting her first litter around 8/24.  Both were bred to Tunes. Our next show with Laker is in Medina, OH August 28-29--come see us there:


Then, we are off to Chantilly, VA and the huge National Capital Cat Show:


Enjoy this great photo of Wynterwynd Bunny leaping from kitchen counter to island (credit to her owners, the Fritz's):

Post Date: 6/8/2010

Serenity's kittens are growing fast--eating solid food, using the litter and playing. 

Wynterwynd Harbor Lights made a 2nd Best Kitten final Memorial Weekend at a show in Pennsylvania and left for her new home in Baltimore.  Her brother, Wynterwynd Lake Effect, will be attending the CFA Great Lakes Region Show June 5-6 in Canton, OH.  We will be picking up the 25th Best Kitten award for GC, RW Wynterwynd Beach Music.  Beachy just had a litter of five kittens for her new owner, Eugene Jeong in Korea! 

Great News:  CFA just launched a website for ALL Cat Owners:  check out www.CatsCenterstage.org  Sign up and set up a page for YOUR cats!  Lots of great information, photos, information--for ALL cats.

Post Date: 5/9/2010

So much for good intentions (of posting photos).  Serenity had five kittens (3M, 2F. one pictured here) on April 27th and we have deposits on all of the kittens.  We don't have any litters due at this point so it is likely to be fall 2010 at the very earliest before kittens may be available again.  Cristalle (1.5 year old spay) is all we have available and she can be seen in the photo below. 

Post Date: 3/31/2010

All of Bee Gee's kittens are now spoken for.  The five month old female is still available but won't be ready to leave until closer to the end of April; as will "Cristal," the two year old spay.  Will post photos next week!

Post Date: 3/23/2010

Serenity's kittens from October are all in their new homes!  Bee Gee's five kittens are all promised except for one male who just became available (I've decided not to keep him to show).  We've been calling him "Steampunk" and he is a delightful boy who loves to cuddle and has big green eyes.  It will be tough to let him go, but he should be ready to leave in a few weeks.

Also available in late April:  a female kitten we co-own with Peg Johnson who will be five months old when she's ready to leave (we're keeping her sister to show) and possibly a spayed young adult female.  Contact us if you might be interested.

We will be exhibiting at these upcoming shows:  April 3 in Mansfield, OH and May 8 in Ann Arbor, MI.

Post Date: 1/10/2010

The holidays are over and the Christmas tree survived the onslaught of three kittens who learned quite quickly how to climb up inside of it.  Two will be spayed on 1/19 along with Spunky (pictured below).  We will then be seeking a special home for our 'special' Spunky.

On Dec. 26th, around midnight, Bee Gee (Wynterwynd Beach Glass) had five kittens, 3 males and 2 females.  Three are promised or reserved, 2 males are still available as pets.  Father is GC Chayat Alexander Petrovich.

We are well-insulated here by the three feet of snow (!) that fell the first four days of the new year.  That means lots of birds to the feeder which is TV for Kitties! 



















I plan on staying current with the latest show results and kitten news.  In the meantime, direct any questions to my email address, arwilson@prodigy.net.

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